Feb 1, 2023

Eddy van Lierde Promoted to Global Head of Incubation Services

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® is pleased to announce that Eddy van Lierde has been named Global Head of Incubation Services, effective from Jan. 2. A search has begun to fill his previous position as Incubation Specialist. Eddy will replace Dinah Nicholson, as she transitions to retirement. Dinah is still an integral part of the team.

Eddy Van LierdeIn his new role, Eddy will lead Aviagen’s team of global incubationists in their mission to provide the best support to customers around the world, as well as to Aviagen hatcheries and internal production operations.

One major focus for Eddy and his team is research, including incubation trials to provide the latest, relevant and practical advice. To ensure Aviagen hatcheries are equipped with the industry’s most innovative equipment, the team works closely with incubator and hatchery automation companies. Another passion of Eddy and his team is teaching and inspiring future poultry professionals through hatchery schools and workshops. 

Eddy commented, “I am excited to begin this new adventure with a dedicated group of people who are committed to our customers and our birds, and am proud to be part of their team. Chick health, welfare and performance begin in the hatchery, and what we do is essential to providing our customers with the robust stock they need to feed the world.”

Years of dedication to incubation and hatchery progress
Eddy has served the global poultry industry for three decades. As Hatchery Specialist, he enriched Aviagen hatcheries and customer service teams in the US, Canada and Latin America with his knowledge and expertise.

Eddy’s career with Aviagen began in 1995 when he joined Ross Poultry Ltd in New Zealand (now Aviagen New Zealand) and became involved with the incubation program, and later moved to Australia to become Hatchery Manager. Originally from Belgium, he attended the Japan Livestock Technology Association School, where he studied hatchery management and poultry husbandry.

Eddy will report directly to Aviagen Vice President of Global Technical Operations Dr. Bryan Fancher. “Eddy has done an outstanding job as Incubation Specialist, and will provide great leadership for the Global Incubation Services team,” commented Bryan.